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Rules For Keeping Your Lawn Green And Your Water Bill Low

A lush green lawn with colorful flowerbeds can make or break the curb value of your home. But keeping all of the plant life watered could break the bank with a high water bill. Follow a few simple rules for watering your lawn and landscaping and you can have the best of both worlds: a gorgeous lawn and a healthy bank account.

Automatic Sprinklers on Careful Timers

Automatic sprinklers can be a homeowner's best friend—if the timer is set properly. The Environmental Protection Agency has partnered on WaterSense irrigation controllers that essentially act as scheduling remote controls for your existing automatic sprinkler system. The controller takes into account local weather so you don't have sprinklers running while it's raining. You can also program the controller to know what type of greenery the sprinklers are watering, which impacts both the amount and frequency of water needed.

Strategic Sprinkler Placement

Allow a sprinkler professional from a company like ATZ Irrigation Inc to install your system so that the setup is best optimized for both watering and money saving. You don't want sprinkler heads saturating nearby sidewalks, driveways or pathways that don't include any plant life. The heads should be situated close enough to the greenery for proper saturation but not so close that the strength of the water mist could cause damage to delicate flower petals.

You can help maximize the sprinkler efficiency by planting native grass and flowers that require infrequent watering. Plan planting so that items with similar watering needs are close together. For example, place all of the sturdy flowers requiring only weekly watering in one bed and the once-a-day plants in another bed. This helps better optimize how often and where the sprinkler heads need to aim the water.

Minimize Hose Usage

It might seem like using a hose would save more water than using the sprinklers. But hoses put out a steady, hard stream of water. This is fine if you just make a quick pass across your flowers and call it a day. However, using the hose for the entire yard can use up more water than you realize. And having the hose already out can inspire you to take on other tasks like rinsing off the patio or exterior windows. Those uses are fine, as well, but should only be done when needed—not when you simply have the hose handy.

Follow these simple rules for lawn care to keep your yard looking healthy without costing you too much monthly green.