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How To Install New Crown Molding On Your Kitchen Cabinets

Changing the crown molding on your kitchen cabinets is a great home improvement project. Even if you have a limited budget, this is a remodel that can greatly change the look of your home. This article will explain how you can remove and install your own crown molding.

Removing the Old Crown

Removing crown molding is usually very easy (especially if it was installed without any wood glues or adhesive). Some cabinetmakers simply pin the crown to the cabinet, while others use pins and glue. If your crown was glued you will just need to use a little more strength to pull the crown away from the cabinet. You will need several small chisels or flathead screwdrivers and a small hammer. You will also need a utility knife.

First, cut away the caulk around the edge of the crown. This should break the seal and allow you to hammer the screwdrivers underneath the crown. You can hammer a couple screwdrivers under the crown at once. Then pull them outward at the same time. This should pry the crown molding away from the cabinet and pull the nails out with it.

Installing New Crown

Installing crown is fairly technical work because you need to cut angles and use a nail gun to attach it. Cutting the angles is easiest if you have a compound miter saw. When cutting the molding to size it is best to hold it up to the applicable edge, and mark the back with a pencil. This is much easier and more accurate than taking measurement with a tape measure. To cut corners, you will need to cut simple 45 degree angles so the crown meets perfectly.

When attaching crown to the cabinet, you should use a finish nail gun. Depending on the thickness of your crown, you will want to use headless nails that are between 1" and 3" long. After you nail the crown to the wall, you need to fill the holes with wood putty. The holes are very small, so just smear the filler over them with your finger. You do not need to use a putty knife.

In the end, new molding will completely change the style of your kitchen cabinets. Crown molding truly defines the style of any cabinet system. It is a popular remodel because it is fairly simple and you can completely alter the look of your entire room. (For more information on kitchen remodeling, contact Multicraft Home Remodeling)