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Three Ways To Build Your Own DIY Solar Water Heater

If you like green projects, building your own systems can be a lot of fun. This can include things like building your own solar water heater, which there are many systems to choose from. These can be systems that just provide a supplemental source of hot water, or they can even be solar water heaters that are connected to your home's mechanical systems. Here are some of the different solar water heater systems that you may want to try building yourself:

1. Creating A Simple Collector With A Box And Copper Pipes

One way to create a solar water heater is to use a simple box with copper pipes. You will want to use plywood to make a box. The box needs to have a series of copper pipes in it, which can be painted black to make them absorb heat. You can add glass doors to the box for better performance. This collector can be connected to an old water tank to store the energy.

2. Using An Old Water Tank To Make A Solar Water Heater

You can also use an old hot water tank to make a solar water heater. Just like building a collector with pipes, you will want to have a box to house the tank. You can paint the tank black to make it absorb heat. You can also install mirrors in the box to reflect the sunlight and concentrate it on the tank. This is a great simple system that you can use for a small cabin or rural property that does not have utilities.

3. Building A More Efficient Evacuated Tube Water Heater

If you want to try a more labor intensive system, an evaporated tube system can be a good project. These systems require more materials and skill to put them together. What they consist of is copper pipes inside of vacuum tubes. You will want to build a circuit of pipes that are inside glass tubes. These systems have the benefit of being more efficient, and they can perform in even the coldest weather or on a cloudy day. They can also use heat convection to give you natural water pressure and running hot water.

Solar water heaters can be a great way to add renewable energy to your home. With the right materials, you can build many different types of systems for your home. If you want to try one of these DIY solar heater projects, contact a plumbing supplier to get everything you need. To learn more, speak with a business like Beebe Inc.