Understanding Construction Costs

A Crack Injection Can Meet Your Waterproofing Needs

Issues with water in a basement can come about for a number of different reasons; however, one of the more common culprits is a foundation crack. Whether it's brought about by a weather related issue, an installation error or age, even a small crack in the foundation can cause major water issues within a basement. A crack injection may be able to resolve your problems.  

What Are Crack Injections?

In simple terms, a crack injection involves injecting a fluid resin into a crack, or void, within a foundation wall. When injected, the fluid resin material settles, or cures, into the open area. This creates a seal that prevents water from passing through the space and ultimately, into your basement. It's important to understand that all crack injections are not the same as this process can be performed with two different types of fluid resins.

Choosing A Fluid Resin Material

The two fluid resin material options typically offered include polyurethane and epoxy. More often than not, polyurethane is the better option and for good reason. Polyurethane is a resin material that is designed to expand during the curing process. This characteristic is especially important because its natural expanding quality will ensure that the entire surface area of the crack is covered.

On the other hand, epoxy does not expand during curing. It is instead similar to a glue. Careful installation is required when using epoxy as any area where the glue is not injected will still be susceptible to water passing through. Polyurethane can also be injected into a crack when moisture is present without any effect on its ability to cure, whereas epoxy loses some of its adhesiveness when it is applied in a moist area, making it less than effective.


If you're anything like the average homeowner, cost is likely of great concern. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere between $800 and $1,500 to have a crack repaired. Exactly how much you are charged for this service will be dependent on a number of factors, including the size of the crack and ease of accessibility to the damaged area.

While this might seem like a large investment, when compared to the $10,000 that could come along with clean up after a minor basement flood or the $50,000 that could come with a larger flood, the investment is definitely worth it.

If you're concerned about a crack in your foundation, let a waterproofing professional help you choose the appropriate option for your home.