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How To Enhance Your AC For Better Performance

If you are thinking in the back of your mind how much your air conditioner is costing every time you run it or leave it on, you are likely concerned because you don't want to spend too much on your electrical bill. An air conditioner that isn't working properly can increase the costs of your electricity bill tremendously, which can prevent you from utilizing your air conditioner as often as you would like to. So, to ensure you are able to use your AC more, while being energy efficient, be sure to consider the following services:

Maintenance Your Condenser:

Improving the performance of your condenser will result in better power efficiency for your air conditioner as this will allow your AC to intake and produce more air at once, allowing your air conditioner to cool your home in a shorter amount of time. This will reduce your power consumption tremendously, which is why it is important to maintenance your condenser. This can be done by cleaning your condenser off with a hose or brushing it with a soft brush. You may even want to trim any landscape that surrounds your condenser unit so you can expose your unit to as much airflow as possible to improve the intake performance of your unit.

Clean or Replace Old Filters:

When air is produced from your air condenser, the air then travels through channels throughout your home and passes through filters. However, if these filters are clogged or covered in dust, then this can minimize the airflow, causing there to be a lack of air that travels into your home. Not only does this reduce the amount of air that actually makes it into your home, but this forces you to run your system for a longer period of time as a lack of performance that you are getting, all because of your clogged filters. So, be sure that you frequently clean out or replace your filters so you can maximize the air quantity that ends up in your home.

Fix and Seal any Air Leaks:

Leaks in your air conditioning system can reduce the performance of your unit by up to 40%, which is a major performance decrease. This can definitely be the reason why you're paying too much to operate your AC unit, which is why it is important that you fix and seal any leaks coming from your air conditioner's duct. This will ensure your home receives as much airflow that your condenser produces, so you can cool your home in a shorter amount of time.

Taking advantage of these tips will help your air conditioner run and perform at a more efficient performance, allowing you to see better results from your AC while utilizing less energy. So, if you are tired of overpaying to run your AC and want to improve the overall performance of your unit without having to replace it, be sure to take advantage and apply these tips to your AC system.