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Four Considerations When Purchasing And Installing New Shingles

When the time comes to replace the shingles on your home, the shingle selection process goes beyond only the look of them. There are several factors you must consider, which include energy efficiency as well. Before you make a purchase, consider these four factors when purchasing and installing shingles.

The Color Of The Shingles

You should look for a new shingle that has a light color to help boost the energy efficiency of your home by reflecting heat. Unfortunately, asphalt shingles typically come in darker colors. The material may be a popular choice among homeowners due to its price, but the color will help absorb heat into the roof. For example, a black shingled home can be 10°F-15°F hotter than a roof that uses white shingles.

If you happen to live in a climate that has a mix of extreme summer and winter temperatures, a gray shingle will work best to bring a temperature balance between both seasons.

The Energy Star Rating

Shingles that are energy efficient will also be approved by the EPA, making it an Energy Star product. Any shingle with the official Energy Star seal on it will help reduce how much you use your air conditioner by 15%. This can translate to big savings over the years.

The Roof's Insulation

When ripping off the old shingles, you may notice that the roof deck needs additional repair work. This is a sign that you should reevaluate what is happening underneath the shingles, which includes the insulation. It's possible that you had batt insulation that got wet due to roof damage, making it much less effective. Upgrading your insulation in your attic to a material like spray foam will be much better, since it provides superior insulation by being a non porous material.

Combining high quality shingles with new insulation will result in a home that stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The Method of Replacement

A big decision you'll have to make is how the shingles will be replaced. While you can tackle the job yourself, you do not know what kind of damage you'll find beneath the layer of shingles when you remove them. If you have structural damage, it's important to have it fixed by a professional.

You should also consider the danger of performing roof work on your own, since you'll be working on a steep surface. Reach out to a roofing company in your area for a consultation.

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