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3 Tips To Keeping Your Marble Countertops Looking Amazing

Marble countertops are a great addition to any kitchen. They are aesthetically appealing and able to withstand normal wear and tear. But, how can you keep them looking that way? If you aren't sure how to keep your countertops looking brilliant, here are a few simple tips and tricks to try.

Keep it simple.

One of the easiest ways to keep your countertops cleaning is by keeping things simple. Opt for a soft microfiber cloth and a little warm water. Wipe the countertops down to get rid of any food or dirt on the surface. Then, use another cloth that is nice and dry to clean it up and make it shine. Since marble tends to be prone to water spots, you don't want to let it air dry.

Avoid acidic cleaners.

Marble tends to be prone to etching because of its makeup. The calcium carbonate that makes marble what it is today will react negatively with any acid you put on it. A splash of lemon juice or vinegar will end up eating away at your marble countertop and creating a dull spot. Those subtle marks can end up adding up over the course of time if you don't take care of your countertops. Make sure to exercise caution when it comes to putting certain drinks and food ingredients on your countertops.

Apply a sealer.

One of the best ways to minimize staining and damage to your marble countertops is to apply a sealer all over the surface. However, this isn't something that you can do once and call it a day. Depending on the overall use of your countertops, the amount of time between having to seal it will vary. However, you should reseal it every three to six months on average.

The sealer is essentially forming a barrier on your countertops to slow down any possible staining. However, sealer isn't a miracle worker. If you end up spilling red wine on your counters and let it sit there for 24 hours without cleaning it up, you can expect a stain to form. Your sealer will have formed a slight barrier that will give you the added time that you need to get things nice and clean without having to worry about staining, but you still need to wipe the countertop down quickly.

By following the simple tips above, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle in keeping your marble countertops looking fabulous.