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How To Reach The Second Story Of Your Clapboard House When Painting The Exterior

If you're in the process of repainting your home, then you understand the difficulty that comes with painting the second story. Balancing on a ladder can be precarious. When you add in the fact that you need to strip off old paint and then repaint the clapboard, it is a situation that calls for planning. The first floor of your home is a breeze in comparison. You can stand on the ground, or on a small stepladder, and take your time scraping away at the old paint and not worry about tripping or falling down.

How To Get Up That High

The biggest concern is the height. Using a single ladder is not advisable. So, you have two alternatives. The fist is the use of multiple ladders and ladder jacks. The second method involves scaffolding.

Ladder Jacks

Ladder jacks are used to turn three ladders into a makeshift walkway. Two ladders are placed against the wall of a house. A ladder "jack" is then placed on each of the two ladders at the same height. They attach to the steps. Choose the steps at the height at which you want the walking platform.

These jacks act as brackets for the third ladder. The third ladder is placed across the jacks and sits on them. This third ladder is then used as a walking platform. Sometimes a piece of plywood is placed on top of the ladder platform so that it is easy to walk on.

The benefit to using ladder jacks is that they are not expensive. You can pick them up at a local hardware store. The drawback is that you will need three ladders. Also, you will need at least two people to set up the platform. It is not possible to carry up the ladder and lay it across the brackets by yourself. They also don't provide the same large surface area that you get with a scaffolding platform. Lastly, they are not as stable as scaffolding.

Freestanding Scaffolding

The ultimate way to get up to the second floor and comfortably paint the exterior is by using freestanding scaffolding. You want to use freestanding scaffolding that is designed with wheels. The wheels will allow you to move it around the house.

This is something you should rent. Make sure you ask for a scaffolding set that is delivered and set up for you. It can be very tricky to set up scaffolding, and many construction rental companies will deliver and set up scaffolding on site for customers. Also, make sure that you get scaffolding that comes with safety rails on the platform. This will make it extra safe when you're walking around high up in the air.

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