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3 Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Drain Odor-Free

With constant use, it's only normal that your kitchen drain can begin to have a rather unpleasant food-related odor over time. Just because it might seem normal, however, does not mean that it's pleasant. Luckily, there are steps that you can take to keep your kitchen drain odor-free, making your kitchen a much more pleasant place to prepare food. These are a few tips to follow to keep it smelling great.

1. Keep the Water Flowing

When you're pouring things down the sink, make sure that you keep the warm water flowing. Along with helping to wash away any odors that might otherwise linger, doing so can also help prevent clogs. Even though you shouldn't pour grease down your sink, for example, the warm water can help greasy liquids and other things that could clog your sink to make their way down. For particularly heavy jobs, it's not a bad idea to squirt in a little bit of dish soap, both for the smell and for the lubrication, which can also help things pass through your plumbing system a little easier.

2. Use a Natural Drain Cleaning Routine

Did you know that you can clean your own drain without using the harsh chemicals that they sell at mass market retail stores? All you have to do is follow a little science experiment, much like you probably did in school. Sprinkle in a handful of baking soda. Then, pour a cup or so of vinegar -- whatever type of vinegar that you have on hand in your home will be fine -- on top. It will create a "volcano-like" chemical reaction, which will help break down anything that might be stuck in your drain. Plus, since baking soda is great for killing odors, it can make a big difference in the way that your drain smells.

3. Have Your Drain Cleaned Professionally

Even though an at-home drain cleaning routine can be helpful, it still isn't quite the same as hiring a professional to perform drain cleaning services. Once a year and anytime that your drain seems to be moving slowly or seems to have an odor, call a drain cleaning company to come out and do a professional cleaning. Along with helping to prevent any odors, this will also prevent clogs, saving you time and frustration. 

Keeping your kitchen drain odor-free is important. Luckily, following these tips can help you keep your drain smelling great and functioning properly.