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3 Types Of Safes To Consider

One of the most useful ways to protect the valuables within your home is to invest in a safe. These safes can come in a wide variety of types that can protect your valuables from burglars to environmental hazards and disasters. Listed below are just a few of the safe types to consider.

Diversion Safe

A diversion safe is a type of safe that is designed to be quite small and mimic the appearance of an ordinary item within your home. While these safes are not the most secure or sturdy, they make up for that by being easily hidden. This means that any potential thief or burglar will not only have to worry about cracking open your safe, but also finding it in the first place.

One of the most common types of diversion safe is a book safe. This type of safe will look like just about any other type of hardcover book that you may have, which means that it can easily blend into a bookshelf. Another type of diversion safe that is quite popular is a safe that mimics the appearance of an electrical outlet. 

Disaster Safe

Another type of safe to consider is one that is designed to protect your valuables in the event of a disaster. The most common type of disaster safe is one that is fire resistant. Now, these safes are typically not going to be completely fire-proof and will not be able to stand up to a long fire. 

Instead, these safes are designed to keep your valuables safe for several hours, which will increase the odds of your valuables surviving until the fire department can arrive and put out the fire. Another type of disaster safe to consider is a waterproof safe. These safes are ideal for protecting your items from any flooding disasters or if a room in your house floods due to a broken pipe.

Gun Safe

Finally, a gun safe is a great option because it can allow you to keep your guns out of the hands of thieves, intruders, and anyone in your household who should not be handling them. For example, this type of safe is ideal for keeping your firearms away from any curious children. This type of safe can range from metal and glass safes that will allow you to display your guns safely, to safes made entirely out of metal for the highest possible level of protection for your guns.

Speak to a safe dealer today in order to discuss the many great safe options and how they can benefit you. Gun, disaster, and diversion safes are all good options for ensuring that your property remains safe and secure in a variety of different situations. Contact a business, such as Mike's Lock & Key, for more information.