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Four Pieces Of Personal Protection Equipment Every Electrician Should Have

Electrical work can often be dangerous. Electrocutions are included in the OSHA "fatal four" list of workplace accidents leading to death that can affect construction contractors. Having the right safety equipment and gear can help you protect yourself from electrocutions and workplace accidents. Here are four pieces of essential personal protection equipment every electrical contractor should have at any job site.

Dielectric Footwear

Dielectric footwear is crafted from rubber, which helps to shield against electric currents. The waterproof design makes them ideal for use in outdoor settings. You can select shoes or boots that fit over your regular footwear for added protection at your job site. You'll want to make sure that you are wearing steel-toed shoes or boots underneath the dielectric footwear. The dielectric footwear is soft and flexible, which means it won't protect your feet against falling objects or tools.

Eye Protection

Electrical arcs and flashes can hurt your eyes, so it is important to wear eye protection while you work. You can wear goggles, or if you are at an active construction site, consider a hard hat with a built-in visor. The hat will prevent injury from falling objects while the visor will deliver the eye protection you need. Visors also help to shield your face from any wires that snap while you are working, making them a more efficient safety option than regular goggles.

Gloves And Sleeves

Rubber insulating gloves provide protection from electrical hazards while you are working on wiring projects. They are flexible, making it easier to work with small tools and wires. They can also be worn underneath leather protector gloves for high-voltage electrical jobs for an added layer of protection. Sleeves provide additional protection in situations where your arms may be near live wires and electrical components. They are also crafted from rubber to resist electrical charges.

Fire-Resistant Clothing

Electrical work can also expose you to potential electrical fires. Wearing fire-resistant clothing makes it easier to extinguish flames if you are near an electrical fire. Long-sleeved shirts, pants and coveralls are all available for electricians and contractors who may be near a potential fire. You can also choose to wear clothing specifically designed to resist against electrical arcs and flashes for added protection. Headgear that covers your face, hair and neck can also be purchased for high-voltage electrical work.

Talk to your job site manager about the type of work you will be performing so you can choose the safety equipment that is right for the working conditions while still allowing you the freedom of movement needed to get the job done. Contact a business, such as Public Works Supply, for more information.