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Transforming Your Shed's Roof Into A Small Garden

If you have a shed on your property and you are interested in trying the latest environmentally acceptable trend in roofing, you may want to try growing greens from above this structure. Green roofing is a great way to increase the oxygen in your yard while growing foliage including some edibles if desired. Here are some instructions you can use to transform your shed's roof into a small garden you can use during warmer weather to supplement your food supply.

Check The Existing Structure

Before you transform your rooftop, check to make sure there are no portions allowing moisture into the shed presently. If there is an area needing repair, it will need to be done before you add additional weight to the top of your rooftop so there is no risk of a cave-in. Calling a roofing repair specialist is best if you do have leaking present. They will make the necessary repairs so you can continue your project.

Place A Frame Around The Perimeter

First, you will want to nail wood plywood over your existing shed roof. This will act as a base, allowing you to protect the roof underneath should you decide to remove the green roofing layers in the future. You would need to construct a frame around the perimeter of your rooftop so the layers you add will be secured into place. This can be done by nailing wood boards into place so the interior portion of the roof appears recessed. The layers would be added by stapling and gluing them into place in the center portion of the roof.

Add The Needed Layers

To grow vegetation, your roof will need a constant water source for plants to grow properly. A membrane layer is placed over the wood base. This is made of a waterproof plastic, capturing liquid so it does not seep to the wood or previous roof layers below. Next would be a root barrier layer which allows roots to grasp into as your plants grow. On top of this, you would place a drainage layer to keep water from seeping into the soil at too fast a rate for saturation. Over this layer, you would need to place a layer of insulation followed by a soil layer in which you could plant seeds or seedlings in anticipation of a growing greenery of goods.

Care For The Roof Properly

The best way to get a green rooftop that works well is to hire a professional to do the layer installation. This will eliminate the risk of an error in adding the layers properly, and you will enjoy the finished product a bit quicker, as they will do the work without difficulty. Once your rooftop is in place, you will not need to water the plants that grow unless your area is in a drought condition. Keep your rooftop trim by removing any excess greenery by hand. As you remove plants, vegetables, or herbs for use, do so from a ladder so you do not add to the weight on top of the shed.

For more information, contact CJ Scotti Services or a similar company.