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Use Exterior Paint That Matches The Color Of Your Home To Improve The Appearance Of A Rusted Gate

If you recently purchased a home or piece of property that has an old iron gate with a rusted surface leading to its entrance way, improve the appearance of the enclosure by removing rust spots and adding a couple coats of exterior paint that match the color of your home's siding by completing the steps below.


  • iron cleaner
  • sponge
  • bucket of water
  • water hose
  • rust-dissolving gel
  • paintbrush
  • drop cloths
  • painter's tape
  • can of exterior primer
  • can of exterior paint (color that matches home's siding)
  • electric paint sprayer

Clean The Gate And Remove Rust

Use water and a damp sponge to remove dirty buildup and flaking rust from the gate's exterior. Rinse the sponge out with water as needed. Spray the iron surface with a steady stream of water and wait for the gate to dry. Use a paintbrush to apply a coat of rust-dissolving gel to each rusted surface. The gel will assist with dissolving the rust several minutes after it has been applied.

Move a clean sponge over each spot that was covered with gel to speed up the rust-removal process. Afterwards, remove any gel or rust flakes that remain on portions of the iron gate's surface with a water hose.

Cover The Gate With Primer And Paint

Lay out a couple drop cloths on the ground so that they sufficiently cover the ground or pavement on both sides of the gate. Protect trim on the gate that you do no want exposed to the primer and paint that you will be using by covering the pieces with strips of painter's tape. Open a can of exterior primer and stir its contents until air bubbles have been removed. Pour the primer into an electric paint sprayer's reservoir.

Apply the primer to one side of the gate, beginning in one corner. Move the tip of the paint sprayer in straight lines while holding it several inches away from the gate's surface until the entire side has been coated. Move to the other side of the gate and apply a coat of primer using the same method. Rinse the sprayer's reservoir out with a water hose to remove any excess primer that remains.

Mix the contents of a can of exterior paint and pour some of the paint into the sprayer's reservoir. Apply the paint to both sides of the gate. Once the first coat of paint has dried, increase coverage by adding a second coat. Remove the strips of tape from the hardware once the paint has had plenty of time to dry. Enjoy the beauty of the freshly-painted gate whenever you enter or exit your property.

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