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Two Tips for Repainting a Ceiling

If you are going to repaint the walls in your home or office, you should definitely also consider repainting the ceilings. Many people don't realize how important this is. If you have a white ceiling, you might think that there is no need to paint it. After all, the ceiling hardly ever gets touched, and since it is white you might think fading won't be an issue. But, white ceiling paint can fade dramatically over the years—usually, it will turn a little yellow. Even if you are just re-painting your ceiling the exact same white color, you will be surprised how much better it looks, especially if your ceiling was painted a number of years ago. This article explains how to paint your ceiling without it being a literal and metaphorical pain in the neck.

Paint Your Ceiling First

First of all, you should paint your ceiling before you paint your walls. This enables you to allow drips. Also, when you get to the edges of your ceiling, you can paint fully into the corner and go down onto the wall of it. You don't need to tape off the edges of your walls and painting the ceiling. Later, when you paint your walls a solid color, you will need to tape off the ceiling. Your wall paint will cover any drips from the ceiling paint.

Painting with a Pole

One helpful trick when painting ceilings is to use a painter's pole and paint from the ground instead of using ladders. Many people think the job will be easier if they climb up on a ladder where they can be closer to the ceiling. In fact, this makes it so you have to crane your neck more awkwardly. Also, climbing up and down a ladder repeatedly is tiring enough in itself. The trick is to attach a roller to your pole and put the paint tray directly on the ground. Then, walk in straight lines as you apply the paint in rows. Angle the pole in front of you so the roller is a few feet ahead of you where it hits the ceiling. This way the paint doesn't drip directly down onto your head and you don't need to bend your neck up the whole time. This tip seems basic enough, but it is certainly helpful.

Using a pole is the fastest and cleanest way to paint your ceiling like a pro. If you need more help or industry insight, contact companies like Red Rock Construction.