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Decor Tips For A Beautiful Rustic Kitchen Remodel

Are you getting ready to redecorate your kitchen? Have you fallen in love with the rustic charm of a country kitchen and you want to replicate that look in your own home? While sterile crisp-looking kitchens are still quite popular, more and more people are opting to have a kitchen that looks more like what their grandparents or great-grandparents might have used. The homey charm of such a look is appealing on so many levels to many people. So whatever your reason for choosing such a look, here are some decor ideas to get you started:

Install reclaimed wood flooring

At many home improvement stores, you can find brand new "distressed" rustic-looking flooring. The aesthetics of such flooring can't be denied, but why pay for new when reclaimed can be just as good or better? Reclaimed wood may come with a history, such as once being part of a local barn, one that you can share with family and friends as they admire your flooring. New flooring has a similar look, but comes with no history and so may not carry the same ambiance as a reclaimed wood floor.

Distressed cabinets

Brand new oak cabinets can look very nice in a country kitchen. But if you're really trying to get a more picturesque look, you may want to choose to distress the cabinets instead. You can buy new cabinets that come direct from the factory with distress added as part of the construction process. Or you could distress the cabinets that you already have. If you purchase new doors for your cabinets and then add a distressed patina to everything, your kitchen will look like you paid hundreds or even thousands for brand new cabinets.

Wooden countertop

A wooden counter can be the perfect finishing touch to a rustic kitchen. But instead of simply going out and buying a length of wood for your counter, look for a piece that has character. A live edge slab is one that has the bark still attached to one side. Unlike other types of wood counters, you can get a good idea of what the original tree might have looked like when you look at a live edge slab. While you might not want to use a live edge slab as your main counter, the primitive look of a live edge slab can work well as the counter or tabletop for your breakfast bar or breakfast nook.

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