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2 Things You Need To Check Before You Get Water Damage Repairs

When a pipe bursts in your house, you can end up with all kinds of water damage that you need to get repaired. Before everything gets repaired, there are some things that you are going to need to have done so that the damage is correctly repaired and you don't have to go back and have more work done. 

Mold Evaluation

One thing that you need to do is to make sure that you do is to get your house evaluated for mold. Even if you get everything dried out, you are still at risk for mold problems. Mold only needs some dark and moisture to grow, so if it gets into your insulation or into a place you can't easily find, you are risking mold. If you get black mold, you can end up having to leave your house while you are getting mold remediation done. So, the company that you hire to do the restoration should be very thorough when they are evaluating everything. They should do things like run cables with cameras on them in areas where water could have gotten into so that they can see if mold is starting to grow. 

Damage Evaluation

You will also need to know the extent of the damage. You may think that you know exactly how much damage was done, but the problem is that water is sneaky. It can get into little cracks and crevices that you can't even see or didn't even know existed. Things like drywall and plaster can really suck water up and make it go even further than you expect it to. You could get all the visible damage repaired and then end up with crumbling drywall or plaster 6 months later. That can cause your new drywall or plaster to fail as well since it would be anchored to the old damaged material. So, ask the water damage repair company to do a thorough evaluation of where the damage is and where it may have spread to. An experienced company should be able to predict where the water went, letting them figure out where to look for damage. 

Trying to repair the damage from a burst pipe can be expensive, but it's much less expensive to get it done right the first time. If you have to go back and redo it, it can cost you so much more than it could have cost.