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Outfitting Your Pickup Truck For Contracting Work

Pickup trucks are great options for construction workers and contractors. The beds offer ample space to store large tools, materials, and pieces of equipment. However, there are many ways you can customize your truck to make it even more useful for work. Here are a few options to consider as you look for ways to customize your truck.

Truck Bed Liner

Truck bed liners offer protection against damage to the body of the truck, and they also provide some impact resistance. This means you can carry heavier items without worrying about dents and dings. Look for a bed liner that is water-repellent, as this will also help prevent water from pooling or causing damage to items stored in the truck. You can also pair the liner with a bed cover to keep items secure and safe from inclement weather.

Bed Extender

Truck bed extenders let you maximize the length of your available truck storage space. These extenders fit on the tailgate when it is in the down position, and they form a temporary wall to keep items inside the bed. These truck accessories are ideal for use when hauling lumber, tall ladders, or other oversized items. You'll want to use a flag or tie to indicate to other drivers that the back of your truck has an extended length, as this can prevent accidents while on the road.

LED Lighting

LED truck bed lighting increases visibility while you are looking for tools and materials. These lights are ideal for contractors working after hours, as they can help you see in the dark. The lights are typically installed along the sides of the truck bed, though you can customize the setup to meet your needs. For example, if you have a toolbox at the back of the truck bed, you may want to focus on adding lights in this area for greater visibility.

Wheel Well Boxes

Wheel well boxes help maximize storage space around the awkward positioning of your truck's wheel wells. The wheel wells can limit storage space in your bed, but you can compensate for this by adding a wheel well box to each side of the truck. These boxes curve over the top of the wells, creating a container that's ideal for storing hand tools and other smaller pieces of work equipment. They also have a low--profile look, making them less obvious than a large metal toolbox.

Think about how you currently use the available space in your truck bed and consider these options to create a customized work truck that will work for you. Check out a website like http://jacksbumpers.com/ for more information and assistance.