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Looking To Change Your Flooring? Choose Wood Flooring

If your family is coming to your home for Christmas and you want to change your flooring before then, you have many options to choose from. One of these options is replacing your flooring with wood flooring. Below is information about two different types of wood flooring you can choose and how it will be installed.

 Types of Wood Flooring

Two types of wood flooring available include:

Laminate Wood Flooring

If you are on a budget, laminate wood flooring is a good option. This is because this is imitation wood but does look like real wood.  A protective coating is placed on the wood pattern to protect it. This flooring will last a few years, though not as long as real wood will last.

Solid Hardwood Wood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is made of wood planks that come in a variety of thicknesses. The thicker the planks, the more expensive the flooring with be. It is made of real wood, however, and looks beautiful. The hardest and more durable wood often used for flooring includes cherry, maple, mahogany, ash, and walnut, with cherry and maple being the hardest. The harder the floor, the more durable it is. 

Wood Flooring Installation

How wood flooring is installed depends on the type you chose. For laminate wood flooring, fiberboard is first installed on the floor. A wood pattern is placed over the fiberboard. When finished, it will look like you have real wood flooring.

Solid hardwood flooring is more complicated to install, but the flooring will last for many years. The contractor will first measure the room to get the square footage. The wood planks are brought to your home and placed inside. The contractor will wait for a couple of weeks. This is because the wood planks need to acclimate to the humidity levels in your home. Wood will expand in high humidity levels. 

After two weeks, the contractor will prep the subfloor. The subfloor needs to be around an inch thick. If it is not, the contractor will place new sub-flooring over the old to make it thicker. Once this is done, the contractor will continue installing your new wood flooring. Stain is placed on the flooring to protect it. This stain may be completely clear, or it can be colored if you want to make the wood flooring darker.

There is a lot involved in installing wood flooring in a home. For more information, reach out to a local flooring company, like New York Hardwood Floors.