How To Maintain Your French Drain

A French drain is a pipe that is used to collect excess water in the soil around your house and throughout your property. Knowing how to maintain your French drain can help you improve drainage throughout your property and can prevent problems like the development of swampy areas in your grass. Watch for Problems The first step to maintaining your French drain is watching for problems to develop. Your home's French drain is a perforated pipe that runs under the ground beneath a layer of rock or gravel. [Read More]

New Job Overseas? 3 Tips To Make To Move A Little Easier

If you've just been offered a job overseas, you might be excited about the prospect of living abroad. You're going to be experiencing a whole new world, including new food, new friends and new housing. Before you embark on your new adventure, you're going to need to take care of some basics – such as packing for your move. If you're not sure where to start with an overseas move, your excitement may turn to overwhelming stress. [Read More]

How Tree Trimming Helps Keep Gypsy Moths Out Of Your Hardwood Trees

Every year, trees across the nation are attacked and devastated by the gypsy moth. They are particularly potent on hardwood trees, making them a serious danger. However, trimming your trees can help get these pests out of your trees and promote stronger tree health. Gypsy Moths And The Trees They Attack Adult gypsy moths lay their eggs on a variety of hardwood trees, and once the eggs hatch, their larvae will begin eating leaves. [Read More]

Experiencing Oil Burner Puff Backs? Blame The Pipe Leak

An oil-burner puff back is a condition that arises when there is a sudden ignition of too-much-to-handle oil in the combustion chamber of the boiler. The most common symptom of this condition is the blowing of soot throughout a home, something that usually necessitates costly restoration and cleaning efforts. However, depending on how much excess oil exists in the combustion chamber and the overall condition of the boiler, the effects can be worse. [Read More]